Thursday, August 1, 2013

Digital Disconnect

across each other in a coffee shop, sitting,
heads bowed, eyes transfixed
fingers on devices, tapping.

steam from the cappuccino rising
the creamy foam so inviting.

talk at each other,
or not talk at all,
lol and omg
it doesn't matter after all.

The steam has turned into mist.
The foam has gone flat to the taste.

relationships so quickly built, <3
and just as quickly broken :-(
in the tweet of a second
in acronym and emoticon.

Words unsaid, hands unheld. feelings on hold,
The coffee has gone cold.

                             Sylvia Hubilla
                                     Round Rock. Texas


  1. It's so easy to fall into this disconnect. Our devices are inescapable, but most importantly, because in the digital world, we create, edit, recreate our words and our entire life as other people see it. Enjoyed this one.

  2. Thank you, mediocre mom! It's a world we've created. In a lot of ways, it's not all that bad. Glad you enjoyed this.